-Video makes up 85 percent of all internet traffic
-That over 5 billion videos are watched everyday on Youtube?
-Did you know that over half are from people looking specifically for a subject or company?
-75% of people say that they are much more likely to contact a service company of buy a product based on watching a video over reading text or photos
-63% use video when deciding on an accommodation
-67% use video when deciding on activities

Why is this? It's because video can do something that text and photos can't. Connect. Videos connect a client to a business owner. They can learn about them, see their personality and feel at ease about doing business with the company they found online. When a service business seems overwhelming and misunderstood, a video can help explain and take away the unknown from a clients mind.The results of video used in your business speak for itself. We live in a culture in which video is here to stay and can be used in many faucets of business. We film a wide variety of videos from promotional videos to full documentaries. Contact us now to see how we can help grow your customer base!